Established to Equip, Train and Empower those with a calling to excel in Ministry, Holy-Word School of Ministry brings Prime Excellency in the Five-Fold Ministry Offices. Please note that you should have a minimum of a Primary School Leaving Certificate / Metric to qualify for Certificate in School of Ministry. You should have the Certificate in School of Ministry in-order to study in our Diploma Class. Likewise, you need to have at-least our Diploma to be enrolled for the Advanced Diploma lessons. Please, fill out the form below to submit your application for verification and shortlisting. Our Programs are as follows;

Year 1 – Certificate

  1. Praise & Worship
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. Cell Groups 
  4. Jesus & the Healing Ministry
  5. Spiritual Gifts & the Fivefold Ministry
  6. The Gospels
  7. New Testament Survey
  8. Old Testament Survey
  9. Prayer
  10. Church Administration
  11. The Realm of the Spirit

Year 2 – Diploma

  1. Discipleship
  2. Spiritual Excellence
  3. Elder-ship & Stewardship
  4. Children’s ministry
  5. Home group vision
  6. Homiletics
  7. Living to give
  8. Evangelism
  9. Principle of leadership
  10. Reconciliation
  11. Spiritual warfare
  12. Studies on the Tabernacle of Moses
  13. Total life management
  14. Wilderness mentality
  15. Youth ministry
  16. Womens’ Ministry

Year 3 – Advanced Diploma

  1. Biblical characters
  2. Biblical finance
  3. Dreams and visions
  4. Church governance
  5. Church planting
  6. Marriage covenant
  7. Mentoring
  8. Ministerial ethics
  9. Servant leadership
  10. Profiles of the church
  11. Pastoral ministry
  12. Principles of the call of God
  13. Shepherd stuff
  14. Spiritual leadership
  15. Survey on vision
  16. Team ministry
  17. The leadership anointing
  18. Sonship and fatherhood
  19. The prophetic mantle

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